Expatriate Group Term Life Insurance Expatriate Group Term Life Insurance


This Term Life insurance provides a one time Death Benefit if the insured person dies during the contractual period. You can use this insurance for 4 purposes.

  • Family protection
  • Loan protection
  • Estate planning
  • Business protection

Highlights of the Term Life insurance

  • For any nationality living in any country, but subject to acceptance by the insurer
  • Minimum age for application: 18 years
  • Maximum age for application: 69 years
  • End age: 74 years
  • Minimum duration: 1 year
  • Maximum duration: 30 years (or up until end age, whatever happens first)
  • Minimum insured amount: 50.000,- euro
  • Maximum insured amount 6.500.000,- euro
  • Medical acceptance procedure applies
  • Online application procedure
  • Policy start date up to 60 days in the future


  • Suicide, while sane or insane, within 2 (two) years of the Start Date, or the date of reinstatement of a previously lapsed or cancelled Policy.
  • Active participation by a Life Assured in any war (declared or not), civil war, insurrection, riot, terrorist act, mutiny, piracy, civil commotion or other acts of violence originating from any political or civil unrest.
  • Breach of any criminal law by the Policyholder or a Life Assured.
  • Travel in any aircraft, other than as a fare paying passenger on a commercially licensed passenger aircraft, or descent from any aircraft in flight. (This means pilots can be covered but they are not insured while they are flying for their work.)

2.The Expatriate Group

This is an international Term Life insurance offered by Expatriate Group and underwritten by Guardrisk. Guardrisk is a wholly owned subsidiary of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited, who are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, have operations in 18 countries, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore, and employ over 17,000 staff worldwide. Both Guardrisk and Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited are rated ‘Baa’ by Moody’s. The Policy shall be governed by the laws of Mauritius, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Mauritius courts.

3.Get a quote and/ or apply online

Fill out the online quote and applicationtool to calculate premium (subject to underwriting) and apply for the insurance.

Tip 1: for a clear overview we advise to apply on a laptop or desktop and not on a tablet or phone.

Tip 2: If you have questions during the applicationprocedure you can ask for help via chat by clicking the Live Chat Button at the bottom right of the page.

If you don’t want to apply online you can use the applicationform in pdf as well. In some cases, for example when applying because of loan - or business protection Expatriate Group might ask you to send additional info by email.

Online quote and applicationtool

4.Important remarks

Physical medical tests may be required by the insurer. Whether that applies depends on the answers that they receive on the (medical) questions during the application procedure.

Your nationality versus country of living, medical history / medical condition, work, hobbies and/ or sports will be taken into account during the application procedure. The insurer will decide whether they will be able to insure you, and on what conditions. Exclusions or surcharges may apply. In some (rare) cases the insurer will decide that they are not able to insure at all. The only way to find out if you can be insured (and how) is by filing an actual application online. If you do not accept an exclusion or surcharge your application will become void free of charge.

“Cooling-Off Period”: Within thirty (30) days of the Start Date of the Policy, the Policyholder has the right to notify the Company of a change of mind, and cancel the Policy with a refund of premiums paid. If such a request to cancel the Policy is received by the Company within this cooling off period, all premiums received will be returned to the premium payer, net of any medical examination expenses incurred by the company in assessing the health of the Life Assured.

Practicing professional sports is not excluded from the coverage. We do recommend that you mention the practice of professional and/or dangerous sports when applying for insurance, so that the insurer is informed and there is no confusion about this in the event of death.


6.Do you have a question about Term Life Insurance?

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