International Expat Insurance International Expat Insurance

The International Expat Insurances Package is an international expat insurance. It consists of several essential coverages, designed in favor of expats and their family members. Professional assistance is offered world wide when sickness, accident or even death occurs. Assistance is also available in case of loss of income. With this insurance you are completely free to get medical treatment in a hospital of your personal choice. This includes private hospitals.

The administration for this insurance is being done by Henner-GMC in Paris. Henner GMC is an international and well known administration office for several expat insurances. In this case they offer their services for insurance company Allianz. Both Henner-GMC and Allianz have extensive experience with medical insurances for international organisations, multinational companies and their international employees.

1.Insurance plan options

  • Health insurance (compulsory module)
  • Dental
  • Personal Accidents
  • Life insurance
  • Temporary and Permanent Disability

The Medical Insurance offers world wide cover. Also in the USA during holidays for a maximum period of 90 days per year.


Main features of the International Expat Insurance Package:

  • As client you have the ability to choose your own hospital for treatment.
  • Since Henner and Allianz both have an extensive network they can offer options for direct billing.
  • You can arrange a refund of medical costs online (up to a maximum amount)
  • Bronze offers cover for semi-private rooms in a hospital.
  • With Gold you also have access to first class service in a hospital.
  • War risk cover applies to the Medical cover
  • You can apply for the insurance as long as you are no older than 60 years of age.
  • Only 1 type of healthcarecover is allowed per policy. You cannot have 'Bronze' for yourself and 'Essential' for your partner on the same policy. 
  • Once the insurance is effective, lifetime renewal is possible
  • For medical costs that relate to pregnancy and childbirth, a waiting period of 10 months applies.
  • The partner of the applicant and insured person, does not need to have the same nationality.
  • To apply for this insurance, you require an income from work at the moment of application.
  • Permanent Disability can only be applied for in combination with the Temporary Disability.
  • Starting entrepreneurs will need to prove stable gross income of at least 2500 euro 6 months prior on application of the Disability insurance.
  • In case of planned treatments, Henner should be consulted, prior to the treatment. Follow the Prior agreement procedure available on this page.
  • Alterations of your plan (level of cover, deductible, etc) can be requested once a year. After approval by Henner (it is possible that they require a health questionnaire) the changed plan will become effective on the next January 1st.
  • When you do, what we like to call "adventurous sports", discuss this with us or the insurance company to prevent that you are not insured for a possible injury, related to that sport.

3.Private hospitals and choice of health care provider

Henner gives you free choice of health care provider. Obviously you also have access to private clinics. According to policy conditions, you should contact Henner prior to a planned treatment in order to get "prior agreement". Therefore you need to complete a form and send this to Henner. On this page you can find the procedure to obtain a Prior Agreement. They will also try to arrange a direct billing when the health care provider is included in their network. Needless to say, when it doesn't concern a planned treatment, but urgently needed medical care (e.g. in case of an accident) then the Prior Agreement is not demanded. You or someone close to you, should contact Henner as soon as possible if this happens.


International Expat Insurance - Essential cover
Premium per month 25 years 35 years 45 years 55 years 65 years
Inpatient & evacuation (ded. €0) € 68 € 89 € 105 € 138 € 218
Apply until 61 years age, For expats, local contract and volunteers.

5.Apply for the insurance

Just complete the application form including the medical questionnaire that is available on this website. The procedure is as follows: you print the form, fill out all relevant and mandatory questions, scan the document, scan the passport of every person to be insured and email all that to We will make sure that your application will get to the right person. In case you want to add the Temporary or Permanent Disability Insurance to your plan, make sure that you add a confirmation of income, such as a payroll slip or a copy of the employment contract which states your salary.

The medical questions, part of the application form, are mandatory questions. Based on this, the medical board of the insurance company will assess whether they want to provide you insurance and whether they want to apply clauses (exclusion or premium supplement for example). It is possible that the medical board requires some additional information, they will contact you directly in that case.

6.Important documents