Expatriate Group Income Protection

1.International Income Protection

Shield your income from unexpected accidents or illnesses that hinder your ability to work in your usual occupation. Expatriate Group's Income Protection Cover offers global protection against accidental death, permanent disability, and temporary disability.

International Income Protection Insurance ensures the financial security of you and your family by granting a lump sum payment if you're unable to continue your regular occupation due to accident or illness. Additionally, the policy can be extended to provide a weekly benefit if your absence from work is anticipated to be temporary.

If you are working and aged between 18 and 65 years old you can purchase the Income Protection. Restrictions may apply to some countries, which will be noted to you as part of the application process.

2.ACCIDENT OR ILLNESS - Permanent Disability Insurance

What if an accident or illness rendered you permanently unable to fulfill your regular occupation? How would this impact your earning capacity?

Expatriate Group’s Income Replacement Insurance offers a lump-sum payment if you're unable to work in your normal occupation due to an accident or illness. This coverage ensures financial stability for you and your family, empowering you to take control of your future once again.

Under this policy, Permanent Total Disability benefits are provided at up to 10 times your normal gross annual salary, applicable to individuals aged between 18 to 65 years old.


The impact of your passing extends far beyond the emotional toll on your family; the financial ramifications of losing a primary breadwinner can be challenging to grasp.

With this policy, you can select a lump sum payment to be disbursed to your chosen beneficiary, providing crucial financial stability for your loved ones in the event of your accidental death.

Coverage is accessible for individuals aged 18 to 65, with benefits payable of up to 10 times the gross annual salary.

4.SHORT TERM DISABILITY - Temporary Total Insurance

You don’t have to face permanent disability to encounter financial setbacks. Temporary disability resulting from accidents or illnesses can disrupt your income flow and hinder bill payments.

The Temporary Total Disability coverage offers flexibility, allowing you to customize the policy to suit your individual needs. Weekly benefits are calculated based on your net weekly salary at the time of purchase and can commence as early as the 31st day of disability, extending for up to 2 years.

These weekly benefit payments offer assurance that you can still fulfill your financial obligations during times of temporary disability, providing you with peace of mind.

5.Key Benefits of the Expat Income Protection Insurance

When you purchase Income Protection Insurance you decide on the best cover for you. You choose the amount you’d like to cover – this can be up to ten times your salary. You select how the money is distributed should the worst happen.

  • Usual Occupation Cover - This policy is tailored to your specific occupation so that, when you are no longer able to perform your job due to an accident or illness, you’ll know that you’re protected.
  • Lump Sum for Accidental Death - Should you pass away overseas your family will receive a lump sum payment to help alleviate the financial stress during this time.
  • Lump Sum for Permanent Disability- If you become permanently disabled whilst working overseas a lump sum payment will be provided to help you adjust to your new way of life.
  • Weekly benefit for temporary disability - If you cannot work through an accident or illness you will receive weekly benefit payments until you have recovered.
  • Designed with Expats in Mind - Expat Income Protection can financially safeguard your loved ones should you be unable to work overseas. Buy online easily today.