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1. Why insure medical expenses abroad
2. What can JoHo Insurances do for you?
3. Local health insurance vs International health insurance
4. International Health Insurance Options
5. Compare premiums

1. Why insure medical expenses abroad

Being well insured while living or working abroad is important. Sometimes the new country of residence has a good national health care system, but this is certainly not always the case. As an alternative to the national health insurance, an international (expat) insurance is a frequently used replacement, with a number of advantages: international coverage, reimbursements and conditions, often according to Dutch standards, worldwide coverage and flexibility. A number of good and affordable options are listed below.

2. What can JoHo Insurances do for you?

As the largest broker in the Netherlands of individual international expat, emigration and travel insurance, JoHo Insurances has a lot of in-house knowledge and experience. Based on our specialization in insurance abroad, we offer:

  • Advice and mediation with Dutch expat insurers, with benefits in terms of coverage and discounts;
  • A selected range of reliable major foreign insurers;
  • Free and extensive personal advice;
  • Support and assistance during the entire term of the insurance;
  • Help and advice in case of problems and disagreements with an insurer.
  • We provide support with the termination of one or more insurance policies and with your possible return to the Netherlands.
  • Options for coverage of, among others:
    • Private clinics and free choice hospital;
    • Pregnancy coverage without waiting period;
    • Acts of war cover, also in troubled regions;
    • All nationalities and destinations;
    • No restriction in age of onset;
    • Lifelong (no age limit);

Do you need personal advice for your situation? Fill in the online advice form and we will send you our personal advice and an overview of possible insurance and premiums by email.

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3. Local health insurance vs International health insurance

Local health insurance is sometimes possible, for example in connection with work. However, there are often a number of drawbacks to local health insurance through employer or state.

For example:

  • There is no cover for the outward and return journey, travel outside the country where you are staying, and repatriation (for medical reasons or family circumstances) before and after the work.
  • Often limited cover for medical costs, no cover for (follow-up treatment ) costs upon return to your home country. Treatment of long-term illness is not possible in your home country, nor is it possible to give birth there. The transfer of relatives in the event of serious illness is also not covered.
  • In addition, the policy conditions might be in a different language, claiming damage is more difficult and when moving to another country, another insurance policy is required.

There are a number of extra points of consideration for employer insurance:

  • Health insurance from the employer often only applies to the employee. Any family members are not always co-insured. Ask the employer about this in advance.
  • As a rule, health insurance offered by the employer can only be maintained for as long as the employment relationship lasts. If you are fired, the health insurance will also expire. This can be annoying if you are sick at that moment and actually need medical treatment! Realize that the rules regarding dismissal abroad can be much less social than you are used to in for instance the Netherlands.
  • Even if you choose to transfer to a (different) foreign employer abroad, problems may arise with regard to your health insurance. You may have developed conditions that could make private health insurance difficult, extra expensive or even impossible at that time. Not every new employer offers a gold-edged insurance package again! The likelihood of clauses and rejection increases the closer you get to the retirement date.

4. International Health Insurance Options

JoHo Insurances is an international broker for several International Private Medical Insurances. We offer health insurances by Allianz, April, Cigna, Globality and Henner. For Dutch nationals we additionally offer a range of international health insurances by OOM and Goudse.

Check out and compare the different insurances as listed below or ask for insurance advice.

5. Compare premiums

Explore International Health Insurance Rates. Discover the lowest premiums for inpatient, medical evacuation, repatriation, and dental cover.

  • Allianz International Health Insurance

    The Allianz Worldwide Care - International Health Insurances - offers a comprehensive coverage for expatriates and their family with a choice of three different levels of cover. There are several insurance plans you can choose from. In either way you need to choose one of the four Core plans. Allianz offers an optional deductible for the Core plan.

  • April MyHealth International

    APRIL International Care France, an insurance intermediary, designs, distributes and manages insurance solutions and assistance services for individuals, travelers, expatriates and businesses.

  • Cigna Close Care

    Cigna Close Care - a "budget" variant of Cigna's international health insurance. With coverage in the country of residence and country of origin, and limited coverage during travel. The relatively low premium makes this health insurance an interesting option for anyone who wants to live, or is already living, abroad on a lower budget for an extended period of time.

  • Cigna Global Health Options

    Cigna is an international health insurance company of American origin. Cigna offers individual international health insurance for individuals and families. This CIGNA Global Health Insurance can be applied for entirely online in most cases. Cigna is a well-known name worldwide and with a Cigna policy you are assured of a large international network of health care providers you can use.

  • Expatriate Group Long Term International Health Insurance

    Since 1997 the Expatriate Group have supported expats living and working across the world. Their dedication to the expat community has enabled them to create international healthcare plans to suit the different needs of those living overseas.

  • Expatriate Group Short Term International Health Insurance

    Individuals travelling abroad for periods of 2 to 11 months can opt for our Short Term International Health Insurance. It provides the comprehensive protection our customers are used to, just for a shorter amount of time to better suit your needs. Maximum age at entry is 65.

  • Globality Health Yougenio

    Globality Health is an international health insurer with a special focus on emigrants, pensioners and expats, offering insurance for people living and/or working abroad. Globality Health has more than 80 years of experience in health insurance and is part of Munich Re, a major international insurer and reinsurer.

  • Henner International Expat Insurance

    The International Expat Insurances Package is an international expat insurance. It consists of several essential coverages, designed in favor of expats and their family members. Professional assistance is offered world wide when sickness, accident or even death occurs. Assistance is also available in case of loss of income. With this insurance you are completely free to get medical treatment in a hospital of your personal choice. This includes private hospitals.

  • Premiums

    Explore International Health Insurance Rates. Discover the lowest premiums for inpatient, medical evacuation, repatriation, and dental cover.