Cigna Global Health Options Cigna Global Health Options


Cigna Global is a well known brand internationally and when you have a Cigna insurance you can benefit of a vast network of healthcare providers who actively work together with Cigna, also on direct billing. Cigna Global Health Options is not the cheapest international insurance available, but they offer very good and solid administration, quick acceptance procedures and easy and fair cancellation conditions.

2.Characteristics of Cigna Global Health healthcare insurance

  • Healthcare insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Available for all nationalities;
  • Not available for local family members;
  • Maximum of 180 days coverage in the country of origin;
  • You do not need to have an actual job to be able to apply for this insurance;
  • No maximum age for applying of the insurance;
  • No maximum age for continuation of the insurance;
  • No physical exams when enrolling however medical acceptance applies (via health questionnaire online);
  • Fully online application procedure. No need for applying via pdf’s or application forms on paper;
  • Payment of premium per year is 10% cheaper than payment of premium per month;
  • Policy can be terminated within 14 days, however restitution depends on claims behavior in that insurance year. Termination of the insurance is not possible if costs have been claimed during the current insurance year.
  • Cigna offers many covers, deductibles and co-insurance to tailor the insurance to your specific needs. We encourage you to explore the online premium calculator . You can apply for the insurance via the same online module.
  • Medical costs incurred because of molest, war, terrorism, civil unrest etc are not covered within the insurance. Even if you are not actively participating and get injured, this is not covered!
  • Cigna offers a wide international network for direct billing. Please contact Cigna asap when you get hospitalized so that Cigna can set up direct billing for you.

3.List of countries which are exempt of cover

If you live in one of the countries listed below you cannot apply for a policy with Cigna:

  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Lebanon
  • Guernsey
  • Dubai
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya

This list might change. To check whether your country of stay abroad is eligible please check the online module which is always up-to-date.

4.A few important subjects regarding Cigna Global Health

Freedom of choice and pre-approval

With an insurance of Cigna you can go to any licensed hospital, either private or non-private. When you need to undergo planned hospitalization you need to contact Cigna upfront by phone. This way Cigna can set up direct billing and maybe negotiate cheaper rates. (which helps in the long run to prevent premium increases).

Pregnancies and childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth is only covered under ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’. A waiting period of 10 months applies. During those 10 months immediately after the start date of the insurance no costs for pregnancy and childbirth will be reimbursed by Cigna. A Caesarean is only covered when medically necessary. Reimbursements of costs for pregnancy and childbirth are maximized and to be honest; the maximums amounts are not very high. If you want proper cover for pregnancy and childbirth please fill out our advice form online. We might have better and cheaper solutions, depending on age and nationality.

Cover in USA

USA is a very expensive country for healthcare. Medical costs in the USA are only covered at the policy of Cigna if the additional ‘USA cover’ has been added to the policy. If you do not have such a cover included on the policy no medical costs occurred in the USA will be reimbursed (even medical emergencies are not covered!) If you have cover for USA you will need to use contracted care within the network of Cigna. Please contact Cigna at any time you need to see a doctor in the USA.

Cover ‘medical evacuation’

Cigna offers a quite expensive cover for medical evacuation. This might be a bit confusing, because in the Core plan ‘inpatient cover’ transportation in ambulance / helicopter to another hospital within 160 km is covered already. The separate cover for medical evacuation offers the additional choices:

  • being transported to the country of origin;
  • transport of mortal remains;
  • cost of transport of family members visiting the insured in case of urgent medical issues;
  • cost of transport for the insured to visit family members in case they are seriously ill or deceased.
  • Because this cover is expensive we only advice it to persons who live very remote without reach of a proper healthcare facility in 160 km.

5.Premium & Cash Back

Premium depends on age, country of origin, country of stay abroad, medical history / medical condition, cover and deductible / co-insurance. Cigna offers a lot of options in their web module to personalize your insurance. We ask you to go online, try and see what combination of cover versus deductible and co-insurance fits your needs and your budget.

Cigna Global - Silver cover
Premium per month 25 years 35 years 45 years 55 years 65 years
Inpatient (ded. €550) € 75 € 101 € 135 € 179 € 285
Inpatient (ded. €550), Evacuation € 112 € 146 € 184 € 250 € 403
Premiums for the low cost regions, 10% discount when paying per year.

Payment per year or per month?

If you want to pay per month you pay an additional fee of 10% on the premium on a yearly basis. So if you choose to pay per year you can save 10% of premium! Beware: if you pay premium per year Cigna could not (fully) return paid premiums when you want to cancel the policy during an insurance year in which you have made medical costs which were already reimbursed by Cigna.


We offer 50 euro cashback when you issue and accept a policy at Cigna. Please ask us for the conditions to obtain this cashback!

6.Apply for the insurance

  • Cigna offers an online quotation and application module here: APPLY ONLINE
  • If you prefer to fill out an ‘ordinary’ application form (PDF), please let us know on

Medical acceptance applies. You will have to answer a few questions regarding your medical history and/ or current medical condition. Cigna will decide, based upon the answers, if they want to accept you and if yes, under what kind of conditions. Exclusions or surcharges may apply. In some cases Cigna will not be able to insure you.

7.JoHo Services & Application

JoHo Insurances offers several free services:

  • Help finding the proper insurance for your needs and budget;
  • Assistance by phone or email when you want to discuss proposals for insurance;
  • Guidance on claims;
  • Troubleshooting if necessary.

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8.Important documents