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Cigna Close Care (IPMI - International Private Medical Insurance) is the budget option of the international health insurances of Cigna, in addition to their extensive Cigna Global Health Options (CGHO) insurance.

Important features:

  • Coverage in Country of Residence and in Home Country;
  • Maximum Annual Overall Benefit - Limit: 400,000 euro;
  • Maximum Annual Benefit per Condition - Limit: 200,000 euro
  • Coverage available: Inpatient, Outpatient, Dental;
  • No coverage for: Vision, Maternity
  • * Coverage while travelling (out of area emergency cover):

* Coverage while travelling

  • Coverage while travelling = "temporary trips outside your country of habitual residence or country of nationality";
  • Maximum reimbursement: 29,600 euro;
  • Coverage for a maximum of 21 consecutive travel days and a maximum of 45 travel days per year;
  • Coverage for unforeseen and urgent medical emergencies (inpatient, day patient);
  • Urgent outpatient costs only covered if the individual has included outpatient coverage in his insurance, and for a maximum amount of 1,850 euro.
  • Advice: additional travel insurance

Coverages which are not included in this insurance (like personal liability, legal assistance, household goods, luggage, etc) can easily be obtained via other insurance companies we work with.


You can find an extensive overview of the coverage in the following document: Benefits (PDF)
The Benefits overview shows a comparison of Cigna Close Care with Cigna Global Health (Silver, Gold, Platinum). More information on Cigna Global Health can be found on our website.

Coverages available:

  • Core module: inpatient medical care and day patient and International Medical Evacuation.
  • Optional: Outpatient medical care
  • Optional: Dental care
  • No cover for: vision, maternity

3.Premiums (online quote)

  • For an overview of the premiums that apply to your situation use the online quote tool

Your core cover

This is your essential cover for treatment you receive on an inpatient or daypatient basis including:

  • Costs for hospital accommodation and surgeon and specialist consultation fees;
  • Mental health care;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Cancer treatment.

Your core cover does not provide cover for:

  • Outpatient consultations with specialists and medical practitioners;
  • Prescribed drugs or dressing that you may require on an outpatient basis
  • Any rehabilitation treatments such as physiotherapy that are performed on an outpatient basis.

Your area of cover:

  • Your country of habitual residence and country of nationality
  • Access to out of area emergency cover

Annual benefits

  • Up to the maximum amount per beneficiary per period of cover $500,000 / €400,000 / £325,000

Add optional modules

Outpatient and Wellness Care

This covers you more comprehensively for outpatient care where a hospital admission as a daypatient or inpatient is not required, and also covers wellbeing benefits:

  • Consultations with medical practitioners and specialists;
  • Prescribed outpatient drugs and dressings;
  • Outpatient physiotherapy;
  • Pre-cancer screenings, adult physical exams and vaccinations;
  • Life Management Assistance Programme and Telephonic Wellness Coaching.

Dental Care and Treatment

This optional module provides you with comprehensive dental cover.

  • Preventative, routine and major dental treatments.

Manage your premium

You have the flexibility to adjust your premium to suit your budget with a wide range of:

  • Deductibles
  • Cost shares

These are voluntary amounts that you choose to pay that are not covered by your plan. If you choose a deductible and/or cost share, your premium will be lower than it otherwise would be. Please see page 16 of this Guide for details of the deductible and cost share options.

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4.Premiums (quick example)

Cigna Close Care
Premium per month 25 years 35 years 45 years 55 years 65 years
Inpatient, (ded. €550) € 55 € 73 € 98 € 131 € 208
Premiums for the low cost regions, 10% discount when paying per year.

5.How to apply online for the insurance?

Go through the following steps in the online application tool:

  • Step 1 - About You
  • Step 2 - Your Quote
  • Step 3 - Adapt Quote
  • Step 4 - Apply and Buy

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6.Services after the start of the insurance


  • Why choose the Cigna Close Care
  • Why we are your best choice
  • Our Global Health Assist Service
  • Your Cigna Close Care plan explained
  • How to create your plan
  • How deductible, cost share and out of pocket maximum work
  • Your benefits explained
  • Secure Online Customer Area
  • What you can expect from us
  • We’re waiting to hear from you

7.Important documentation