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JoHo Insurances Foundation is an international insurance broker, helping people and companies worldwide. We offer International Health, Income & Travel Insurances for expats, emigrants, companies and travellers worldwide. We offer insurances from Cigna Global, Allianz Worldwide Care, Bupa Global, Henner, Gouda Expatriate, Expat & Co, Globality Health and many other insurance companies. Contact JoHo Insurances for advice.


All insurances we offer

CIGNA International

CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits has more than 25 years experience and is the world's largest provider of employer-sponsored healthcare benefts. A comprehensive array of flexible products and funding options, coupled with simplified administration, provides coverage for expatriates around the world. And, like many of our customers, we have a local presence in many jurisdictions around the globe, which translates into first-hand knowledge of regional healthcare issues.

International Expat Insurance

The International Expat Insurances Package is an  international expat insurance. It consists of several essential coverages, designed in favour of expats and their family members. Professional assitance is offered world wide when sickness, accident or even death occurs. Assistance is also available in case of loss of income.  With this insurance you are completely free to get medical treatment in a hospital of your personal choice. This includes private hospitals.

Dan Europe Diving Insurances

DAN is a non for profit organisation that offers 24/7 assistance to divers.

DAN Diving insurance is an annual insurance that offers cover for all types of diving. Most regular travel insurances offer cover for diving up to a depth of 40 metres. Wreck and cave diving is often excluded from cover. Especially in the warmer waters of the tropics, dives are often deeper than 40 meters and wreck diving is quite common.

Allianz International Health Insurance

The Allianz Worldwide Care - International Health Insurances - offers a comprehensive coverage for expatriates and their family with a choice of three different levels of cover. 

There are several insurance plans you can choose from. In either way you need to choose one of the four Core plans. Allianz offers an optional deductible for the Core plan. This can be a very high deductible!

Bupa Worldwide Health Options

Worldwide Medical Insurance is the essential core of this plan. It offers you the reassurance of coverage for any essential hospital treatments you may need in case of an emergency or for a planned visit. All surgery, cancer treatment and advanced imaging, regardless of whether this treatment is received whilst in hospital or visiting as a day-patient, are also covered.


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