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Global Family Insurance

The Global Family Insurance (GFI) is an insurance package that includes medical expenses, assistance and several Modules for e.g. Accident and Liability. The insurance is designed especially for travelers, globetrotters and short term employees, and their family members, whom stay outside their country of origin. 

The plan entails the following modules; 

  • Medical expenses 
  • Assitance (such as repatriation) 
  • Accidents 
  • Baggage and household content 
  • Personal Liability 
  • you can add Travel Cancellation optionally

There are two versions of the plan: Basic and Comprehensive. The extensive list of differences between those versions can be found in the Overview of benefits. 

Important features

  • The insurance applicant has to be at least 18 years old and maximum 69 years old 
  • The GFI is also usable as a travel insurance for a journey around the world
  • If you make a journey (around the world) with a boat, a premium loading is applied. We can inform you further if you inform us about the trip by boat, in the form. 
  • The insurance never provides coverage in country of origin 
  • You can apply for the insurance when you are already abroad 
  • If you choose "Basic", you can add Medical expenses and Accidents coverage for an optional 50 euro per person, per year. Keep in mind that this extra coverage will apply to all insured persons
  • To apply for the GFI you will not need to answer medical questions, but the insurance will never give a reimbursement for treatment related to pre existing conditions. 
  • The GFI is valid until you are 75 years old. Do you intend to stay abroad for the rest of your life, then the GFI is not recommendable. At 75 years of age it is difficult to arrange a new health insurance because of the medical assessment
  • In case you need expensive treatment or suffer high medical expenses, the insurance company can decide to end the journey and arrange repatriation back to country of residence or country of origin. That makes this insurance less suitable if you wish to stay abroad permanently 
  • You don't need to be employed to apply for the GFI 
  • Europeans who travel abroad or non-Europeans who will be staying in Europe, can apply for the insurance. 
  • In case you stay in the USA, the premiums will be doubled for the whole insured period. Will you be staying in the USA for an extensive period, we do not recommend the GFI 
  • Coverage for expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth are insured very limited, after a waiting period of 1 year and only when the Comprehensive cover is active. Therefore the GFI is not to be advised if you want an insurance that includes Maternity care and Childbirth. Should this be important to you, we would like to give you a proper advice. 

How to apply for the insurance? 

  • You can arrange the Global Family Insurance through JoHo by completing the online application form on this website. 
  • Please mention the code JOHO to benefit from a 2,5% discount
  • To finish the application, you will need to mention an end date for the insurance. However, it is possible to let the insurance be renewed automatically every year. To arrange that you will need to send us an email once you have submitted the application. Please mention in that email that you want the GFI to be renewed yearly and that you agree with the conditions to terminate the insurance. To terminate the insurance, you will need to consider a 3 month notice. In other words, you would need to request a termination, 3 months prior to the renewal. 


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