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JoHo Insurances Foundation is an international insurance broker, helping people and companies worldwide. We offer International Health, Income & Travel Insurances for expats, emigrants, companies and travellers worldwide. We offer insurances from Cigna Global, Allianz Worldwide Care, Bupa Global, Henner, Gouda Expatriate, Expat & Co, Globality Health and many other insurance companies. Contact JoHo Insurances for advice.


Global Student Insurance


Global Student and Au pair Insurance (GSI)

International Student Travelinsurance a comprehensive and affordable travel insurance. Good cover, low premium. For international students and au pairs.

Also available when you hae a parttime job. For certain jobs an additional premium is applicable. If you plan on working during your study, please inform us about the activities so we can assess if an additional premium is necessary. 


Brochure and conditions (PDF)

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Available covers


1) Medical Treatment

This part of GSI covers you in case of:

  • hospitalisation costs
  • treatment costs
  • urgent dental care
  • dental surgery following an accident
  • psychological help after trauma

The comprehensive version includes:

  • worsening or sudden attacks of preexisting chronic diseases
  • winter sports, underwater sports and speleology
  • annual dental check- ups

2) Assistance Abroad

This module covers you for:

  • referral service for doctors / hospitals in host country
  • linguistic assistance in case of covered claim
  • repatriation or evacuation
  • forwarding essential medications
  • tracing and rescue
  • assistance in case of theft or loss of travel and ID documents
  • early return in case of death of a family member
  • juridical assistance
  • and more.

3) Accidents

This bit covers you should you suffer:

  • permanent disability due to an accident
  • death by accident
  • comprehensive version includes winter sports, under water sports and speleology

4) Baggage & Household Furniture

We've thought of the goods too:

  • baggage
  • contents of your home and household furniture (incl: photo, film, sound and computer apparatus, jewellery, watches, mobile phones, (sun) glasses, including frame, contact lenses, etc.). Most of these items are only available under the comprehensive package.

5) Extra Contractual Liability Private Life

And just to make sure you’re covered for absolutely any eventuality, we also cover you for:

  • physical damage to third parties
  • material damage to third parties
  • tenant liability (not in the US or Canada)


DISCOUNT and how to apply

Use the Code "JOHO" when you apply, to get discount on the insurance premium.

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