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Dan Europe Diving Insurances

DAN is a non for profit organisation that offers 24/7 assistance to divers.

DAN Diving insurance is an annual insurance that offers cover for all types of diving. Most regular travel insurances offer cover for diving up to a depth of 40 metres. Wreck and cave diving is often excluded from cover. Especially in the warmer waters of the tropics, dives are often deeper than 40 meters and wreck diving is quite common.

DAN offers a range of different annual insurances and within these insurances is a choice of the level of cover. In the event of a diving accident specialised medical treatment is necessary. As a member of the DAN network you are able to make use of DAN's network of doctors, hyperbaric chambers and diving lawyers.

The choice of insurances are;

DAN Sport Member Plan 
Designed for the recreational diver, DAN Insurance offers three different Plans. You can choose the level of cover depending on how frequently you will be diving during your travels;
Sport Bronze - for the occasionally diver who dives no deeper than 40 metres. The amount of dives allowed are 60 days per journey or 120 days per year.
Sport Silver - covers any kind diving, including technical diving with no depth limits. The number of dives allowed are 90 days per journey or 120 days per year.
Sport Gold - covers any kind of diving, including technical diving. There are no depth limits and higher limits for indemnity and the amount dives per year and per journey are unlimited.
DAN Pro Member Plan
Designed for dive instructors, dive masters or dive guides and for those who are employed as a scientific or commercial diver. All types of diving including technical is covered and there is no depth limits applicable. There is a choice of 5 different levels of cover:
Under both the Bronze and Bronze Deluxe Plans the amount of dives allowed are 60 days per journey or 120 days per year.
Bronze – suitable for all divers providing cover for the essential services only.
Bronze Deluxe – on top of the Bronze plan offers a higher sum insured for personal civil liability
Under the Silver and Silver Deluxe Plans the amount of dives allowed are 90 days per journey or 120 days per year.
Silver – recommended for the more active instructors, covers all types of diving including technical
Silver Deluxe – on top of the Silver plan offers a higher sum assured for personal civil liability
Gold Plan – covers any type of diving with no depth limits and offers a higher limit for liability and unlimited dives per year
DAN Club Member Plan 
This plan is suitable for a diving club, school or centre. You have a choice between the following levels of cover;
Bronze – a good budget option
Silver – offers a reasonable cover
Gold – offers cover for those who need a higher level of cover
For more information please refer to the DAN Europe web-site
Should you have any further queries regarding the DAN Diving Insurance please do not hesitate to contact JoHo Insurances on +31 (0)88 321 4563 or email us 

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