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JoHo Insurances Foundation is an international insurance broker, helping people and companies worldwide. We offer International Health, Income & Travel Insurances for expats, emigrants, companies and travellers worldwide. We offer insurances from Cigna Global, Allianz Worldwide Care, Bupa Global, Henner, Gouda Expatriate, Expat & Co, Globality Health and many other insurance companies. Contact JoHo Insurances for advice.


Live & Work Abroad Desk Curaçao

Emigration Desk Curaçao is hosted by Wereldstage and JoHo.


    start your Curaçao preparations with the “Coming to live and work on Curaçao in 10 steps” summary
    with many years of experience in living and working on Curaçao, the desk employees have a lot of country specific information and inside hints for preparing your stay on Curaçao


    get personal coaching and guidance when moving to and/or starting your daily or business life on Curaçao
    setting up business on Curaçao? Join one of the coaching sessions for individuals, teams and/or managers.
    in cooperation with Teamwork coaching


    join one of the inspiring workshops or training sessions with topics like “setting up a succesful business” or “working on your personal development”.
    these trainings will both make you more aware of opportunities ánd give you new practical or operational insights.
    improve your skills and competences by following one of the related and acknowledged Carribean home studies in cooperation with NHA Carribean

Documents & visa

    use the desk information on how to arrange a residence and working permit, how to register, which documents to arrange and how to get a sedula (ID)
    use the information and checklists available on moving your furniture, domestic animals and which extra documents to arrange


    take your time to get to know the pros and cons of the local insurance system
    get personal advice on your international travel and/or health insurances


    Adress: Scharlooweg 75, Willemstad (Curaçao). You can visit us for an introduction, or apply for a consultation.
    Phone: 005999 462 6335
    Skype consultation also possible: use the contact form to set up an online meeting.
    Contact form: for general questions (external form)
    Personal advice on travel and health insurance: use the insurance advice form


JoHo Insurances


Paviljoensgracht 18
2512 BP The Hague (Den Haag)
The Netherlands

All insurances on this website can be applied for at JoHo Insurances, e-mail to or fill in the appropriate application form on this website. For questions and additional information please contact us!