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JoHo Insurances Foundation is an international insurance broker, helping people and companies worldwide. We offer International Health, Income & Travel Insurances for expats, emigrants, companies and travellers worldwide. We offer insurances from Cigna Global, Allianz Worldwide Care, Bupa Global, Henner, Gouda Expatriate, Expat & Co, Globality Health and many other insurance companies. Contact JoHo Insurances for advice.


About JoHo Insurances

JoHo Insurances

JoHo Insurances offers a wide range of international insurances. We work with the best and greatest insurance companies worldwide. We help you to choose the best insurance for you! With an insurance via JoHo Insurances you support the JoHo Foundation.

What is The JoHo Foundation?

JoHo has grown into an international organization with the goal to set up a network of worldwide centers, dealing with international cooperation, personal development and travel. The main focuses of the organization are passing on knowledge, promoting international contacts and awareness and giving advice. The JoHo Foundation has his own website:

JoHo centers abroad

What can you expect from a JoHo center abroad?
A JoHo center usually makes a choice from the possibilities mentioned below.

Some of the services are for JoHo members exclusively and sometimes you also get discounts as a JoHo member:

  • Volunteer work mediation
  • Language courses & mediation
  • Travel agency
  • Organized tours
  • Accommodation
  • Internship possibilities & mediation
  • Help finding accommodation
  • Help with problems
  • Group travel mediation
  • Possibilities to buy basic travel needs
  • Possibilities to buy books, travel guides, maps, Lonely Planets
  • Maps of the environment / surroundings
  • Use of the internet
  • Luggage lockers or similar service
  • Use of the library
  • Information board
  • Message service (e.g. friends or travel mates)
  • Possibility to have your mail delivered
  • Books exchange service


JoHo Insurances


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All insurances on this website can be applied for at JoHo Insurances, e-mail to or fill in the appropriate application form on this website. For questions and additional information please contact us!